Monday, July 25, 2005


Blogger Willard Van De Bogart said...

Galactic Center has been known as the place for spiritual renewal by all ancient cilvilizations. In the vedic texts it was called Vishnunahbi (the seat of the soul).
Now humankind has the opportunity to once again acknowledge this rare alignment of celestial events for its entrance into a new world age.

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Blogger sritantra said...

Re. the interesting Sanskrit word "nabhi" : think of our words nob and nub; something that stands out, that is gripping (nobbie tires). Reza Aslan in his No god but God (2005) writes how... "The Kaaba, like the Pyramids in Egypt or the Temple in Jerusalem, may have been constructed as an axis mundi, sometimes called a "navel spot": a sacred space around which the universe revolves, the link between the earth and the solid dome of heaven. That would explain why there was once a nail driven into the floor of the Kaaba that the ancient Arabs referred to as "the navel of the world." As G. R. Hawting has shown, the ancient pilgrims would sometimes enter the sanctuary, tear off their clothes, and place their own navels over the nail, thereby merging with the cosmos."

Interesting too that the Arabic word for prophet is "nab," while "nabil" means noble.

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